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each, either, neither和由some, any, no, every構成的復合代詞,都作單數看待.

Each of us has something to say.

Is everybody ready?

Somebody is using the phone.

Neither of us has gone through regular training.

Has either of them told you?

some, few, both, many 等作復數

some 可后接復數,也可接單數,表示某一.

none作復數看待時較多,但也有時作單數看待,主要看說話人腦中聯系想到的是復數還是單數概念, 但none 在代表不可數的東西時總是看作單數:

None of the books are easy enough for us

None of us seem to have thought of it.

None (= not a single one) of us has got a camera.

None (= nobody) has felt it more keenly than she did.

None of this worries me.

all 和most 可后接復數,也可接不可數名詞(all of the…, most of the …), 動詞用單數.

由and 或both…and 連接名詞詞組時, 后用復數; 由not only…but (also), either…or, neither…nor或or 連接的并列主語, 謂語通常和最鄰近的主語一致Not only the switches but also the old writing has been changed.

My sister or my brother is likely to be at home.

Either you or Mr Yang is to do the work.

Neither my wife nor I myself am able to persuade my daughter to change her mind.

如果一個句子是由there 或here引導, 而主語又不止一個, 謂語通常也和最鄰近的那個主語一致。

There was carved in the board a dragon and a phoenix.

Here is a pen, a few envelopes and some paper for you.

people, police, cattle, poultry (家禽), militia (民兵) 等通常都用作復數.

Cattle are grazing on the pasture.

The police are looking for him.

有些集體名詞有時作單數看待, 有時作復數看待, 主要根據意思來決定.

His family isn’t very large.

His family are all music lovers.

The committee meets twice a month.

The committee are divided in opinion.

The audience was enormous.

The audience were greatly moved at the words.

有些名詞單復數同形, 可根據意思決定謂語動詞的數:

This new series is beginning next month.

These new series are beginning next month.

This species is now extinct.

These species are now extinct.

表示時間, 重量, 長度, 價值等的名詞, 盡管仍是復數形式, 如果作整體看待, 動詞也可用單數形式(當然用復數動詞也是可以的):

Three weeks was allowed for making the necessary preparations.

One hundred li was covered in a single night.

書名, 國家名用單數:

Tales from Shakespeare is a book by Charles Lamb.

學科名, 如mathematics, economics用單數.

many a 或more than one 所修飾的詞作主語時, 謂語動詞多用單數形式:

Many a person has had that kind of experience.

More than one person has involved in the case.

a number of 后接復數, the number of后接單數:

A number of books have been published on the subject.

The number of books published on the subject is simply amazing.

one of those 后用單數. 在“one of + 復數名詞+關系分句”結構中,關系分句中謂語動詞的單復數形式在一般情況下有兩形式,一是根據先行詞采用復數形式:

Joan is one of those people who go out of their way to be helpful.

當one 之前友the only 等限定詞和修飾語時,關系分句謂語動詞根據one 而定,即采用單數形式:

He is the only one of those boys who is willing to take on another assignment.

Joan is one of those people who go out of their way to be helpful.

當one 之前友the only 等限定詞和修飾語時,關系分句謂語動詞根據one 而定,即采用單數形式 true report 3352 為您提供全方面的AEAS語法考試必備知識(三)相關信息,根據用戶需求提供AEAS語法考試必備知識(三)最新最全信息,解決用戶的AEAS語法考試必備知識(三)需求,原標題:AEAS語法考試必備知識(三)代詞作主語時的一致each,either,neither和由some,any,no,every構成的復合代詞,都作單數看待.Eachofushassomethingtosay.Iseverybod...
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